I've had an accident


If you’ve had an accident, first of all – don’t panic!

It’s important to stay calm and put your health and wellbeing – and that of other people involved – above everything else.

The next steps you should take are:

Swap details
If your accident is a serious one, it’s likely the police and other emergency services will be called. They will ensure the necessary administrative procedures are followed, taking the names and contact details of people involved. It’s worth noting that if anyone is injured, then you need to notify the police.

But for less serious accidents – especially where there is no immediate sign of injury from anyone involved – it will be up to you to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance details of all involved. Make sure you do this at the scene. And be sure to take the names and contact details of any witnesses to the accident too.

Call Kindertons Taxi Assist
Call Kindertons Taxi Assist as soon as you can. Save our number to your phone now – 0343 509 4601 – just in case. We’ll handle everything from there.

No need to call your insurance company – your dedicated Kindertons claims handler will do that for you. And in the event of non-fault accidents we’ll pick up your vehicle and deliver a similar-sized replacement for you to use while we carry out your repairs.

If your vehicle cannot be repaired, you can keep your hire car until your settlement cheque arrives (we’ll organise that for you too). We’ll then come and collect your replacement vehicle from somewhere near you – leaving you to get on with life whilst we sort out your claim.

What Now?
If you’ve had an accident, contact us as soon as you can and let our claims handling team take things from there.